Our Vans


The vRide "Commuter" fifteen passenger extended van is a popular choices for vRiders who are looking for a blend of economy and comfort. It has the features, comforts, and safety features of a smaller van, but allows for even more vRiders.


The vRide ten-passenger van is well-suited to the needs of the long-distance commuter. The vehicle features reclining high back seats with arm rests for all passengers. It also includes all the components, comforts, and safety/convenience needs. This van has a V-8 engine a 35 gallon fuel tank and is flex-fuel capable.

7-Passenger Mini

The vRide "MiniCommuter" seven passenger minivan is a popular choice for small commute groups and is the perfect choice for vRides that park in a small parking structure. The "MiniCommuter" features dual sliding doors to make entry and exit easy.

Even though we have only been vanpooling with my coworkers for three days now, we love the vanpool program. I can’t wait to enjoy my next few weeks relaxing as a passenger.
Katia Rivera, Sierracin/Sylmar Corporation