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vRide is a ridesharing platform that saves you money on your way to work. Our ride-matching system links 5-15 people with similar commutes and helps them save money and time on their commute. While vRiding you can sleep, socialize with friends or get a headstart on the workday.

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The primary driver is in charge of maintaining the logistics of the pool and has the added benefit of taking the van home for personal use.

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Sign up and ride! All vRiders enjoy saving money, making friends, sleeping, or even working. Embrace your new way to work and save your personal vehicle for non-commuting uses.

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Vanpools are great for commuter groups of more than 5 people who travel more than 15 miles each way. vRide not only helps with the creation of the group but can also provide a custom built van!



Have a group of less than 7 people who want to commute together? Want to use your own car? Consider carpooling! vRide’s ridematching application can help you create your carpool or find one. Sit back, relax and enjoy saving money on your way to work.


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Live in a remote location? No other pools in your area? Expand your options, meet your carpool or vanpool at a conveniently located Park and Ride.

Park and Ride
“I just gave myself a raise!” is a familiar exclamation as a new rider boards the van for the first time. Our vanpoolers have been commuting from Flint to Lansing for a little over a year now. We fondly refer to our vanpool sit-com as As The Wheels Turn. We have three “sit-down” comedians that keep us in stitches much of the time. We actually have a rider that had a boyhood dream of being a bus-driver, so guess what, we made his dream come true. We officially made him “Da man who drives the MichiVan”. We have had many memorable experiences, but one in particular that comes to mind is the day I was doing the pick-ups and drop-offs, which is not the norm. I sent an email stating, “You will be picked up after work the same place I dropped you off (hopefully). If you see me flying by and not seeing you, just grab onto the bumper and hang on for dear life. I will be sure to turn up my hearing aid to listen for screams coming from the rear of the van.” Not intending to actually miss anyone, I drove by one of our “sit-down” comedians. He chased the van yelling, while everyone else in the van exclaimed, “You missed Barry, stop, stop!” Everyone laughed so hard they could hardly talk and fortunately, Barry was also amused. There is always construction between Flint and Lansing, so one day we decided to stop for Dairy Queen Blizzards, to ease the pain of the slooow Friday construction zone. We chose the right evening for our Blizzard Party, as there was an accident and we had a two hour parking lot on I-69, but because of the sugar high, we all had a great time. The time really does fly when your having fun.
Madonna Griffin